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Top 5 Computer Games Of All Time

Some computer games have come and gone, but there are various that have proved a staying power, which has immensely evolved since the introduction of the 1962 gem, SpaceWar (the first game made for computer use). Here, are some of the very common computer titles that have considerably influenced the gaming scene over the years:


Some may consider this computer title one of the best action games of all time, as it became the mold that many first-person shooter games would be cast from. The history of Doom begins in 1993 where the highly intense game was distributed as shareware to the public. Within two years, it is said that an estimated 10 million individuals downloaded the title. Known for its graphic nature and intense interactive violence, it was later made into a movie starring The Rock.


There have been endless duplications, but none can compare to the original 1988 version that the Soviet Union produced as an attempt to keep up with the competitive American market. The game was quite simple; all you have to do is match falling blocks into spaces that made sense. Higher levels brought faster game play and before you knew it, you were hooked. Anyone who has played a computer or video game has definitely heard of Tetris, which is a classic that will last for many years to come.

Sim City

The concept of building your own city caught on like wildfire as gamers created their own domains from the floorboard up. Negotiating pipes, electricity, and running water were just some of the tasks that took hours and hours to master throughout this virtual world of wonder. The first Sim City game made an appearance in 1987 and ever since, has produced numerous spin-offs, such as Sim Safari, Sim Zoo, and Sim Roller Coaster.


In 1993, Sid Meier put out the computer game, Civilization, which became an addictive joyride. There were so many different levels of fun to explore, as players learned the ins and outs of economics, diplomacy, and achieving conquests. One moment, you could be pondering the construction of the Pyramids while the next moment took you into the depths of space. Various sequels followed the original.


Many board games have made their way to the computer game world, but none have made such an impact like the dog-eat-dog concept of buying and selling real estate. The first Monopoly computer game was distributed in 1995 and hasn’t looked back since.